A 3-Step Plan To A Happier Healthier Lifestyle


There are many important components for a weight management program to be effective – skilled mentors, great service, excellent products and the right balance of support. Fresh Start Revolution is committed to all of these including education on foundational wellness both during and after the program so that clients will experience a lasting lifestyle of success.

The FSR program is a 3 part system: Clean Eating Meal Plans, dōTERRA’s Cleanse & Restore Protocol using Plant-based Supplements and Restoring Eden’s Proprietary High Protein Meal Options. Within this 3 part system, the client will be eliminating key ingredients from their nutritional intake, otherwise known as “detoxing”. Some may ask the question, “What is so important about detoxing the body?” The answer is simple . . . healthy living begins on the inside. Culprits like sugar, pasta, bread, processed food, dairy and soda wreak havoc on our bodies causing us to experience fatigue, bloating, digestive issues, poor sleeping patterns and the production of fat binding toxins. Removing these items in Phase One of the FSR has proven to be critical in helping the body to re-establish natural energy levels, deeper sleep and an overall strengthening of the immune system. In addition to this, the FSR will combat nutritional deficiencies in the body with high quality, plant-based supplements from dōTERRA. How you supplement your vitamin, mineral and omega deficiencies matters! This aspect of the FSR is what clearly sets it apart from any other weight management program on the market today.
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The Fresh Start Revolution journey will quickly reveal how the 80/20 rule applies to weight management. This rule establishes that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Therefore, a critical component of any program is the diet protocol the client follows at each stage of the weight management process. Weight Loss is not a “one size fits all” solution. Each client has different considerations when it comes to choosing the diet protocol that best meets their needs. To respond to these needs, we offer a variety of options.

The rate and way weight is lost is often the most important determinant in the client’s decision to participate in a program. For some, a very structured protocol with more rapid weight loss will provide the motivation to adopt the necessary lifestyle changes for long-term weight maintenance, for others a more gradual, meal-based protocol is desired.

Fresh Start Revolution’s protocols have been designed to meet diverse needs. Some may want to participate in the FSR with our exclusive clean eating programs. Others may want to supplement their clean eating plan with Restoring Eden’s proprietary high protein meal replacements. Fresh Start Revolution’s most popular protocol combines the best of both worlds; a balanced selection combining clean eating with high protein meal replacements. Depending on an individual’s weight loss goals and the desired timeline to achieve them, the client is able to work with their mentors to customize a plan to meet the client’s individual needs.

All three protocol options set out to accomplish the same goal of ridding toxins naturally from the body and re-setting the body’s metabolism in the establishment of lifestyle habits promoting optimal wellness.


Fresh Start Revolution was created from a desperate desire to achieve positive health results in my own life. (See photos below.) This journey has been life changing! I am so grateful to God for His provision of optimal wellness in nature and for dōTERRA International, who passionately pursues the production of nature’s solutions and the process of empowering us with knowledge of how they support the body.
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