Our 1st day at the Cleveland clinic did not disappoint! The staff, facility and doctors were over the top and really turned our anxiety towards a peace-filled confidence and reassurance. God has gone before us on every detail and we are all in awe of what He has done and continues to do.

We came to Cleveland in hopes that we could avoid the invasive, bone sawing, chest opening surgery. So today’s news that dad will definitely be having this type of quadruple bypass open heart surgery was not what we hoped for. But one thing we know for sure after today’s appointments is that for this type of surgery we are in the best possible care. Most people wait 2-4 weeks to get on the schedule here but our God is a big God and He made a way. The top doctor had a cancellation for this Wednesday so we are scheduled and set to go.

Tomorrow will be a full day of pre-op tests and appointments in preparation for Wednesday. Prior to coming here my father was scheduled to have this procedure in Fort Worth but he cancelled it. One of the main reasons he wanted it in FW was so it would be easier on Joan and because he has dear friends from his church that he loves and he knew having them around him would be encouraging in his healing process. Now here we are .... in the best care.... but without these 2 needs being met.

We will be here for another 12 days if all things go as planned. This is a total of 14 days away from home, away from friends and away from my family/children. Hard and yet it is wonderful for Dad that all 5 daughters are here with him.

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