When all five grown daughters attend back to back doctor’s appointments with their father, someone has to wait in the wings, watch and take it all in. This was my view for most of today. I am okay with it. I know in the very near future the baton in this relay will be passed to me when it comes to caring for him at home. But for now, I will observe, listen, document and not miss one single moment. There is a heaviness in my chest fully realizing it could very well be my last moments with my Dad.

It was a very big day for Dad. Between the Cleveland Clinic staff, your prayers and Vernon’s women, he has been well cared for! Today is eventful with lots and lots of tests and another meeting with Dad’s surgeon. We have encountered many angels along the way who have been chosen by God to orchestrate every attention to detail. It really is quite miraculous that Dad’s surgery is tomorrow morning at 6 am!!! (5 am Texas time). So we are counting on all our prayer warriors to kick it up a notch! We had a wonderful time eating dinner at the Marble Room in Cleveland. (I highly recommend it!) It was so great celebrating dad and so grateful we could all be here with him. I promise to keep you posted tomorrow with his progress. I know I speak for all of us when I say we are deeply grateful for your prayers, your love and the outpouring of your sweet encouragement! Stay tuned! God has some more showing off to do!

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