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FSR Founder - Kelley Walker
Deciding to live a healthier and happier lifestyle be an exciting and intimidating time, and with so many options out there it is hard to find what will work best for you. If you are looking for a fun, flexible and easy way to lose weight then the Fresh Start Revolution might be for you. The Fresh Start Revolution from Restoring Eden LLC is a proven method of weight loss for dozens of women over the North Texas, DFW area. Our founder and leader of the FSR, Kelley Walker, is an individual that was also ready to change her life for the better when she created the program, and found the benefits that FSR can bring to not just her, but to other women just like her.
"I just love this program. I have been on this program now for over a year and lost my weight over a year ago and I have maintained that loss of 25 plus pounds. It is the easiest program I have ever been on. I have been on those programs where you had to count points, and measure every little thing. And those programs may work short time, but you always seem to gain it back. On this program, the beauty of it is, I have kept my weight off. I feel so good, and the little perks are I get to go and buy new clothes and get a whole new wardrobe. The real bonus is just how good I feel. I was really concerned about my blood pressure because it had been inching up. Because of this program and able to lose this weight as quickly as I have been able to lose it and been able to maintain it, my blood has gone down. And I just feel wonderful, and I am so grateful for the FSR program, and I am so excited for those that will be coming on board, and also those for experiencing better health themselves."
- Debra M.
Amazing weight loss stories - Restoring eden - Natural weight loss
"My favorite part of FSR is the fact that it is for busy ladies we can take our food with us on the go, you have no excuses for not staying on the program. I was at a point where I was very frustrated with my weight. Had a hard time staying on diets, and this is the easiest thing I have ever done. And then once I reached my goal the foods so good I just keep buying it and eating it. So it helped my self-esteem, it feels good to feel younger again, and I would recommend it to everybody."
- Penny
"I have to say I love the program! I have lost 78 lbs in 7 months, and it has been truly life changing. What I love most is it has just really cut my cravings, and it is flexible and doable on a crazy busy schedule. And I just love it because I have a ten year old daughter and it allows me to keep up with her, have the energy I need, and take her to the zoo for six hours and not have any sciatic pain or any muscle or joint pain. And it has totally boosted my confidence, so it has been a great program."
- Bonnie M.
Amazing weight loss stories - Restoring eden - Natural weight loss
"When Jill first told us about the diet, I was ready, because my husband had passed away, and it'd been a bad time and I gained a lot of weight. So they explained it to us, and it seemed like something that I really wanted to do. And you can imagine I hadn't been doing anything, I hadn't even been cooking. So I started the diet and it was just a really good thing for me to do to start with the diet and chopping vegetables and meat and eating. I was totally involved in it. It is very easy to diet with the packaging and that sort of thing. I found that it helped me with my whole attitude because I was involved with something that was making me better because I was not very happy with myself. And so I took care of that, and now I just want to stay with the packages so that I don't gain any back"
"I started the FSR program May the 2nd of last year and it took me about four months to lose my weight. I love that it was doable, that it worked with my schedule. I work away from home, full time. I love that it was possible, I love that if you stick to the plan it works, and I love that I lost 40 pounds... I have a daughter with a disability, and so it has really given me the energy to keep up with all of that requires of me, and it does require a lot so it does give me the energy to do that so I love FSR."
- Shelly K.
Amazing weight loss stories - Restoring eden - Natural weight loss
"I started FSR this time last year, and I have actually lost 20 lbs. What I love about the program is that I get to eat every two hours, I don't get hungry. Also, I have a sweet tooth, so the bars and snacks are good and they satisfy that, low calorie, high protein. I have maintained my weight, and I feel great. The way it has changed my life is a level of confidence so that I can still be active Nana, and do my work, and feel great."
"I have been on Fresh Start Revolution for 5 months, and I have lost 40 lbs. My favorite thing about the program was how easy it was, I was never hungry, and I have been dieting all my life, and had minimal success. When I got on this program, I had been on Weight Watchers the whole summer long and only lost three pounds, and I got on FSR and I lost weight every week. I was not hungry, I was satisfied, my energy level was up and it made all the difference in how I feel. Now I have to shop in a different section of the store, which is kind of fun, I am in the process cleaning out my closet. I no longer have to wonder how something is going to fit because everything is either too big or it fits. Now I get to shop for new things. It has given me a new lease on life, I am a new Barbara."
- Barbara
Amazing weight loss stories - Restoring eden - Natural weight loss