Camps were designed to provide group coaching and support to new oil users.  These are quick, two-week online camps to help you dive into your new kits and start experiencing greater wellness right away!

We are here to walk alongside you and coach you daily, in a fun and interactive way.  Simple daily challenges will be given, and some AMAZING prizes will be awarded throughout the session!  The more you participate the more chances you have to win.  (YES!!)  You’ll want to set aside 15-20 minutes per day to take full advantage of the education we’re about to provide you.  Are you ready??

Let’s do this!

Oil Camp 5.0 – May 8th
Oil Camp 6.0 – June 5th
Oil Camp 7.0 – July 3rd
Oil Camp 8.0 – August 7th
Oil Camp 9.0 – September 4th

FSR Basic Training 4.0 – June 5th
FSR Basic Training 5.0 – July 3rd
FSR Basic Training 6.0 – September 4th

Camp Harmony 2.0 – June 5th
Camp Harmony 3.0 – July 3rd
Camp Harmony 4.0 – September 4th

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