Round three! With the familiar format of Oil Camps 1 and 2, we will utilize a private 2-week Facebook event to guide you through the NEXT LEVEL of essential oil knowledge. This is where we will get into more of a discussion about our EMOTIONAL health.

We’ll talk about things like:

  • How our emotional and physical health are interconnected
  • The science explaining how essential oils can support our emotions
  • How we can intervene and create new patterns
  • Self Care
  • Practices that can support and nurture our emotional well-being

And so much more!

What does a supported state of emotional wellbeing look like? Why does it matter? And how does dōTERRA fit in?

Join us to find out!

Camp Harmony 2.0 – June 5th
Camp Harmony 3.0 – July 3rd
Camp Harmony 4.0 – September 4th

Register here!